Everyone enjoys a freebie. When you book a campervan hire Alice Springs for a road trip in Sydney, nothing beats finding a great camping location to pitch your campervan for the evening.

There are “freedom” or “free” camping areas all around Australia. This includes pitching a tent on public property or parking your campervan in locations designated for free camping.

We do not advocate parking your campervan on the side of the road for the night. Instead, search for rest stations or bush campgrounds away from the main road. Check for signs and make sure you have permission to park since local authorities might punish you. Also, be in mind that some free campgrounds have time limits. You want to avoid turning your vacation into a pricey adventure by camping in a prohibited region. Each state in Australia has distinct regulations regarding free camping, so read the fine print and be cautious.

Several websites and programs may help you discover a free camp reasonably effortlessly.


Free Camping Tips:

Surf The Internet:

More information about free camping locations may be found by searching Google. There are directions and maps to numerous free camping places, as well as reviews and photos. It’s always a good idea to read the most current posts. You don’t want to arrive at a free campground just to be charged a price if the situation changes. Check out for useful information about dump stations, gas stations, public restrooms, and free WiFi.


The Early Bird Gets The Worm:

Arriving early will almost surely help you acquire a “good” area for your free camp, especially if the campground is popular and will fill up fast. Many of these camping areas are rest stops for other travelers on lengthy trips.


Respect For Your Fellow Campers:

When free camping, you may come across wildlife; remember that these creatures are wild, and do not approach them for your own or their safety. Do not feed or bother these animals, and do not leave any trash for them to consume.


Use Water Wisely:

Many free campers will not have running water, so save water to last the duration of your visit. Bring more than you think you’ll need. Carry a couple of extra bottles of drinking water and hydrate yourself frequently.


Maintain Simplicity:

With limited facilities, a basic sandwich and/or salad is the easiest way to go. Keeping your meals simple equals less washing up and water use. Some camping areas may feature a grill, allowing you to save money on LP-Gas fuel.


Talk To The Pros:

There will always be someone who has been or is traveling to where you are going at each free camping. Exchange notes with other campers to find out where the finest free camping areas are. There is a strong sense of camaraderie among other campers, both online and in person. You may also get free camping information on Facebook groups and websites.


Remove All Traces:

Please ensure that any specified fire pit is completely extinguished before leaving. Because fire embers can smolder and readily rekindle, we recommend that you properly extinguish any fire with water. If no dumpsters are supplied, please take all of your trash with you.


Last But Not Least

Stay careful, and try to leave the campground in a better condition than you found it.